Gleanings for ATMs


Gleanings for ATMs


I intend adding articles to this page as time goes by so bookmark it and revisit periodically.

Between 1933 & 1990 Sky & Telescope ran a regular column called "Gleanings for ATMs" variously edited by Earl Brown, Bob Cox & Roger Sinnott. I don't know about you, but I really miss Bob Cox's column in S&T. It used to be the first page I turned to every issue.

I'm very fortunate in having the chief librarian of Cambridge University's Institute of Astronomy & the former Royal Greenwich Observatory libraries as a close neighbour. Through him I have been granted unrestricted access, and with the knowledge and approval of Roger Sinnnott I have photocopied every single issue of the Gleanings articles from as far back as when "Sky & Telescope" was "The Sky" & "The Telescope". As and when I find time I will put abstracts of selected articles on this webpage. I think you'll be fascinated.

A related column edited by Albert Ingalls in the 1920's & 1930's was called "Wrinkles". These contained handy hints & tips on all aspects of telescope making. Below are a few I've picked up over the years that I've either never come across elsewhere, or are so deeply buried and long forgotten you have to be an archeologist to find them! Read and marvel at the ingenuity of a bygone era:-

Balancing an equatorial

Dome Rail-Roller Optimization

Newtonian diagonal sizes


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