Quantum 6 sale

Quantum 6 sale

Quantum 6 Maksutov-Cassegrain astronomical telescope

Very rare jewel finish Quantum 6-inch f/15 Maksutov-Cassegrain
in high quality mahogany custom made foam filled case.

I purchased this telescope from Optical Techniques Inc. in October 1979.
It is a 6-inch aperture, 90-inch focal length, Maksutov-Cassegrain with
moving primary focussing. The central obstruction ratio is 33%.
The optics were made by Cumberland Optical, Maryland
figgured by hand to 1/20th wave.
Both primary and secondary have enhanced silver coatings.
The primary is low expansion glass, and the corrector plate BK7 crown.

The telescope has a University Optics 7x50 finder fitted with a Henzl zenith prism and Leo Henzl polar alignment reticle.
The finder has helical focussing.
The OTA is bolted to the single fork equatorial head with a 1/4 Whitworth screw
and the head itself has a telephoto lens adaptor plate so the user can
fit a long telephoto lens for wide angle deep sky photography.

The RA setting circle reads to 4 minutes in time and the DEC circle to 1.
The RA drive is clutched and can be slewed by hand, and has a slow motion over-ride.
Both RA & DEC slow motions are Questar style stainless steel pin and disc drives,
providing incredibly smooth motions.

The accessory box on the back of the tube assembly contains a flip built in x1.5 Barlow
and a flip 2-inch quartz diagonal mirror, flat to 1/20th wave, also silver enhanced coated for
maximum light transmission.

The RA tracking system is a wormwheel and synchronous motor drive housed within the fork base,
operated through a Variable Frequency Oscillator powered by 12vDC. The VFO is by S&S Optika Colarado,
and has a small handset on a flexible coiled lead.

The single arm fork mount has a jewel finish polished dural baseplate, and this maybe bolted to
the equatorial wedge which in turn is bolted to a very heavy duty yet lightweight tripod.
The tripod is made of Berylium-Copper alloy and is a professional Cine Camera tripod
made by Sanders & Davis. It has solid rubber feet and spikes to locate it firmly in grass
or on a solid level surface. The wedge incorporates altitude adjustment and a vibration damper.

The tube assembly has a built in dew shield and eyepiece heater. The eyepiece holder incorporates
a lock ring made of brass, which grips a standard 2-inch eyepiece barrel without scratching it.

The image is focussed using a brass knob on the side of accessory box. Focussing is incredibly smooth
and completely free of backlash or image shift.

The telescope has its own solar objective filter, and an eyepiece projection photography adaptor.
Other accessories include a Leitz 45 swivel bino-viewer (takes 24.5mm push fit eyepieces) & a 2-inch 1/20th wave
mirror diagonal made by Kenneth Novak. There is a desiccator to keep the inside of the tube dry. (Not shown).
Eyepieces or the hex turret depicted are NOT included.

This is a telescope of the highest optical and mechanical quality, and it is very rare.
Only 250-260 of this particular model were made. This is No. GI153221-C. It was custom made with
hand selected 1 of 100 mirrors and corrector plate.

You are encouraged to inspect this telescope at the seller's observatory.
The successful UK buyer is expected to arrange collection. This item will not be posted.
An overseas successful bidder must pay shipment and insurance costs, including UK VAT on the cost of crating.
e-mail offers to chrislord@brayebrook.demon.co.uk

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